Behind the objects

The fusion of three crafts

In our first three models, we highlight three distinct skills and components : a original designed wood structure frame serving as the base for handwoven canvas and expertise in leatherwork. The weaving is done directly on the structure, strand by strand, following the tradition of crafting renowned cane chairs, all meticulously crafted by hand. The production time remains unalterable, increasing with the intricacy of the weaving. Finally, the leather elements and woven body are assembled in our Paris workshop.


The bags have been designed and conceptualized to allow for separate production of the leather goods and woven pieces. This enables the final assembly to be customized at the workshop based on the clients choices. Mechanical assembly methods are prioritized, and the use of glue is minimized to essential needs. Special attention is given to the details, and we have chosen to reduce the use of metal accessories to showcase the beautiful materials and craftsmanship as a signature.



The beechwood, used for the inner bags structure, is sourced from Burgundy, France. It is then veneered with ash on its visible interior and exterior surfaces. This choice of lightweight plywood ensures that the bags remain lightweight. Finally, the structures are carefully coated with a varnish finish.


Our accessories feature intricate weaving crafted from Rilsan, a plant-based bioplastic derived from castor oil, known as 'Ricin oil' in French. With roots in 1950s France and now expertly manufactured in Germany, this lustrous polyamide is available in a rich palette of colors. Its remarkable durability, easy maintenance, and steadfast resistance to UV rays, scratches, and temperature fluctuations are a testament to our unwavering commitment. This material perfectly reflects our brand's core philosophy: the creation of enduring, timeless pieces meant to be cherished for generations.

Leather & alternatives

The combination of weaving and leather allows for endless creative possibilities. For our first collection, we choose to use black leather for all models and vary only the Rilsan woven parts. This choice was not arbitrary; as a small scaled independent brand, it enabled us to optimize and save materials and minimize diversity in the production chain. Our main leather (chrome tanning, cow wides) is sourced from an Italian supplier with high environmental certifications. In the future, we aim to expand our offerings by introducing limited editions crafted from upcycled leather and alternative materials.