About The brand

Léclisse offers accessories that stem from a cultural and material heritage, exploring enduring savoir-faire that have become a symbol of Parisian culture and French art de vivre. By revisiting traditional craftsmanship and drawing inspiration from the history of design, Léclisse presents contemporary and innovative accessories.

Handwork holds a central place in our creations, and we are committed to valuing artisans both in France and abroad. Every bag is handmade upon order, and final assembly is made in our Parisian atelier, ensuring that no precious material or handwork goes to waste. We prioritize using durable materials and supporting local manufacturing.


We strives for a design that goes beyond trends, aiming to establish a lasting and intimate relationship with the wearer. Our collection includes noticeable bags designed to stand the test of time. From architecture to decorative arts, we incorporate a wide range of unexpected materials and ornaments into our fashion accessories, giving them a contemporary twist that ensures they never go unnoticed.

Approach & Materials

Design & Assembly

The bags have been designed and conceptualized to allow for separate production of the leather goods and woven pieces. This enables the final assembly to be customized at the workshop based on the clients choices. Mechanical assembly methods are prioritized, and the use of glue is minimized to essential needs. Special attention is given to the details, and we have chosen to reduce the use of metal accessories to showcase the beautiful materials and craftsmanship as a signature.

Leather & alternatives

The combination of weaving and leather allows for endless creative possibilities. For our first collection, we have chosen to use black leather for all models and vary only the Rilsan woven parts. This choice is not arbitrary; As a small scaled independent brand, it enables us to optimize and save materials and minimize diversity in the production chain. Our current leather (chrome tanning, cow wides) is sourced from an Italian supplier with high environmental certifications. In the future, we aim to expand our offerings by introducing limited editions crafted from upcycled leather and alternative materials.


Rilsan is a bio-plastic, derived from castor oil (Ricin oil in French). It was historically invented in France and is currently manufactured in Germany. It is a shiny polyamide available in a wide range of colors. Furthermore, it possesses numerous qualities such as easy maintenance, UV resistance, longevity, flexibility, and resistance to weather conditions and temperature variations. It aligns with one of the brand's commitments: to offer long-lasting wearable objects that are meant to be kept for a long time.


The beechwood, used for the inner bags structure, is sourced from Burgundy. It is then veneered with ash on its visible interior and exterior surfaces. This choice of lightweight plywood ensures that the bags remain lightweight. Finally, the structures are carefully coated with a varnish finish.

About the designer

Léclisse is co-founded and led by industrial designer Fanny Serouart. She arrived in Paris in 2005, where she studied at the Boulle School and ENSCI. She then gained expertise in materials work in the automotive industry while also training in leather craftsmanship. Her approach is guided by object design and her love for manufacturing techniques. She draws heavily from architecture, patterns, and the atmosphere of the capital city as inspiration, which is embodied in the brand's creations.

Material origin — France (leather, wood), Italy (leather), germany (bioplastic).

Manufacturing — France (woodwork, weaving, leathercraft, assembly), portugal (leathercraft).

Co-founders — Fanny Serouart (Design), Axel Morales (Art direction & branding), Luc Serreboubée (technical dev.).